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Cauliflower Hot Wings


Before we get into this recipe, I’ll say one thing that you’re all probably thinking: No. These cauliflower hot wings don’t taste like actual hot wings… sorry 🙁 Sure, they’ve got hot sauce on them! And, okay, maybe people season actual hot wings with the seasonings used in this recipe. But I won’t […]

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Fresh Baked Apple Pie


Fall is my all-time favorite season. I love watching the leaves change colors, picking apples, carving pumpkins, going to sunflower mazes, and (of course) corn mazes… just thinking about fall activities makes me grin from ear to ear!  Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite fall recipes – baked apple pie.​ While it’s not […]

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Homemade Pie Crust


Fall is on the way, people!  I don’t know about you – but I’m so, so excited to participate in fall activities. One of these activities I couldn’t wait for any longer?  ​Making pies. Which means homemade pie crust! There’s something refreshing about being able to say “Yeah, I made this! Crust and […]

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Guilt-Free Almond Joy Recipe


If you ask me, there’s nothing better than getting a candy bar when you go to the gas station. My personal favorite? An almond joy! The chocolate, coconut, and almonds pair so, so well together and I’ve been hooked on them since I was a kid.  If you look at the ingredients […]


Banana Bread Hummus


Happy Fourth of July, everyone! It’s hot, humid, and cloudy here in Pennsylvania but that won’t stop me from throwing a BBQ later on! About four weeks ago, I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out – they were fully grown in and it was a huge process… Thankfully, my dentist […]


Southern BBQ Sauce


Hey-o!  Today, I wanted to write up a quick recipe talking about one of my go-to sauces that I use for practically everything:  Southern BBQ Sauce.  This sauce works with taquitos, chicken wings, burgers, fries… I could go on and on, but I’m pretty sure you get the picture.  While this southern BBQ sauce […]


Lemon Rhubarb Cookies


Last week, I shared one of my favorite rhubarb recipes (strawberry rhubarb crumb bars).  I had some extra rhubarb laying around and had no idea what I wanted to do with it.  My first thought was rhubarb jam but I had zero motivation to make it. My next thought?  Cookies. I started wondering […]


Egg Cups


If you ask me, eggs are only good in desserts.  I’m not a fan of them alone, no matter how they’re cooked. Scrambled, fried… not for me.  However, I’m not against trying new things (most of the time) and I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas.  These egg cups are a game changer. […]


Bacon Cornbread


Spoiler alert: I am a huge fan of cornbread.  It’s the perfect side dish, yet most of the people I know only make it when they’re having BBQ dinners (which is super lame).  The other day, I was debating what I wanted to eat for breakfast and instantly thought about cornbread.  So I did what […]


Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry


Happy Spring, everyone!  Today, I wanted to share a recipe bursting with flavor and color.  This pineapple chicken stir fry is delicious and can be eaten in the pineapple itself! I’ve got to warn you, though… cutting and scooping a pineapple is a pain in the butt. It’s one thing to slice the […]